Will Ripple price hit $0.25 after the Visa announcement?

Description As the Ripple price pump, steadying above $0.20, news of Visa continues to instill confidence in traders and holders.  Last week, the giant payment processor revealed plans for supporting Bitcoin, ETH, and XRP payments. Besides, they also seek to invest and secure the underlying infrastructure essential

Ripple Exec launches XRP-based payment plug-in for popular browsers in Beta

Description A recent tweet from Ripple’s top executive, Craig DeWitt, announced an important development for the XRP army, one that will enable pay with the fourth-largest cryptocurrency from popular web browsers, like Google Chrome. The new product is dubbed Payburner, an XRP-based payment plug-in for

Ripple pitches new features in its updated Xumm app

Description Ripple has announced that its development arm, Ripple Labs, will update the public on the new features of its updated Xumm app. The Xumm app was developed by the firm to eliminate the need for people to visit banks to carry out their financial

XRP-Based Xumm Wallet gets financial support from Ripple Xpring

Description Ripple has announced that it will keep funding the development arm of the company, XRPL Labs using the Xpring initiative, particularly regarding the XRP-based Xumm Wallet. With the firm promising steady funding, the development arm has promised to keep on rolling out massive mouth-watering

Purported email confirms Ripple and Bank of America collaboration

Description Rumors about a probable collaboration between Ripple and Bank of America have been doing the rounds for many months. Now, an alleged email seems to have confirmed the development that the American ban is in fact, working with crypto-giant Ripple for real-time settlements. However,

Why XRP doesn’t have smart contracts – Ex Ripple CTO

Description Former CTO of Ripple, Stefan Thomas granted an interview where he explained the key reasons why the Ripple ledger doesn’t support smart contracts.  The interview was aired on an episode of BlockStars which is hosted by the Ripples CTO, David Schwartz, had the previous

Ripple working to solve a $10 trillion real-world problem, CEO says

Description Ripple CEO has insisted that his company is solving a $10 trillion real-world problem after criticism from the Financial Times. He also highlighted the success of the company over the years, emphasizing on its growth. Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse has defended his company amidst