Ex Ripple CEO receives 14.5 M out of 39.5 M moved by Ripple

Description A bot that tracks the huge movement of funds between XRP wallets has announced a new transaction in which part of the funds was sent to ex-Ripple CEO, Chris Larsen. The XRPL Monitor took to Twitter to give the details of the transaction that

Ripple dragged to court in Australia over the PayID trademark

Description Ripple is set to spend the next few months arguing a court case after it was slammed with a PayID trademark infringement lawsuit. The National Payments Platform Australia (NPPA) has decided to sue Ripple following the use of the PayID trademark by the digital

1 billion XRP moved from Ripple escrow wallet

Description According to the bot that monitors high-value crypto transactions, Ripple has yet again made another transaction in which one billion  XRP which is worth around $280.6 million from the Ripple escrow wallet Further details into the transactions showed that the transaction tracking Twitter bot

Ripple price bearish, is $10,000 possible?

Description The Ripple price is consolidating in lower time frames but remain bearish with immediate targets at $0.20. Meanwhile, eToro could help distribute Spark tokens. Spark tokens distribution will likely support the XRP price Ripple under pressure, $0.20 is the immediate support XRP to $10,000?

Ripple (XRPUSD) price shows momentum after a 1.4 percent gain

Description The XRPUSD market has closed with a gain for the second time this week. Ripple chart shows a bullish market in the last few days starting from 6 September 2020. Prices are trading with a high likelihood of testing the upper trendline of the

Ripple price prediction: possible increase to above 0.3155 level

Description Ripple price dropped 1.02% on Tuesday A bullish trend has emerged in the early morning trading There is a possibility of a price boost in the near future  Ripple price analysis shows the possibility of a boost in recent days. On Tuesday, XRP price

Ripple price to retest $0.25, what to expect?

Description Ripple prices as high up as $0.258 on 17th September. Ripple is currently unable to find support above $0.25 mark. XRP price trend shows a retest in order amidst market volatility. The Ripple price line moved above the $0.25 mark on the 17th of