Metaverse revenue models in 2021

Description TL;DR  Breakdown As the world advances towards Industry 4.0, the idea of a metaverse is being actualized. Games have a revenue model that generates 175.8 billion USD from selling digital assets. The current metaverse revenue models As the world advances towards Industry 4.0, the

What is Metaverse?

Description Metaverse, a science fiction concept, is a combination of the prefix ‘meta’ and the stem ‘verse’ meaning beyond and universal. It is essentially a collection of shared online worlds in which physical, augmented, and virtual reality comes together. People can do everyday tasks such

Metaverse projects to watch out for

Description TL;DR Breakdown Advancement of web 3.0 impacts the technology sector by decentralizing functions Decentraland is a gaming platform that works with the use of non-fungible tokens and smart contracts. Axie Infinity is an NFT gaming metaverse that deals with breeding virtual pets. As the

Trends shaping the Metaverse in 2021

Description TL;DR Breakdown More people have embraced the internet as their new social life, and the virtual world is developing even faster with the metaverse. One of the most profitable sectors of the metaverse is gaming.  Contents hide 1 The current iteration of the Metaverse

Metaverse explained – a new age of digital reality

Description TL;DR Breakdown:  Metaverse is a 3D virtual and immersive form of the internet.  The metaverse will make your virtual life feel almost the same way as your physical life.  Facebook’s Meta will support NFTs. Metaverse has been dominating the headlines for the last couple

Metaverse makes millionaires of newbie traders: what’s the $2.7T secret?

Description TL;DR Breakdown Metaverse has made millionaires of newbie traders. Defi, NFT, particularly, memecoins to metaverse-related tokens attest to the observation. Four leading Metaverse-related tokens MANA, AXS, SAND and ENJ exemplify the trend. The year 2021 started as quite an exciting year, as we’ve seen

Apparel giant, Nike secures 7 trademarks for Metaverse

Description TL;DR Breakdown: Nike has secured seven trademarks to sell branded virtual goods in the Metaverse era. The company is also hiring virtual designers.  Metaverse is a virtual world that will enable humans to interact with digital objects Popular sportswear manufacturer Nike is seemingly the

KuCoin establishes a virtual home in Bloktopia metaverse

Description TL; DR Breakdown  KuCoin is exploring different innovations and has now embraced the virtual world in Bloktopia metaverse. Over 10million users are in for a beautiful experience with a variety of virtual options. KuCoin Meta Office has announced that it’s creating a virtual reality