Google Cloud welcomes over 10 new blockchains

Description In an era where the virtual continues to dominate, Google Cloud makes yet another unapologetic stride in the crypto realm. By adding 11 more blockchains to its public data sets on BigQuery, this tech behemoth isn’t simply keeping pace with the industry’s demands. They’re

Republican Dennis Powers tables progressive Tennessee blockchain bill

Description Republican Dennis Powers has submitted a Tennessee blockchain bill that proposes a detailed blockchain study. The progressive bill seeks to spur the research and study into decentralized blockchain technology. More states are opening up to blockchain and its implications in everyday life. Rep. Dennis

Toronto hospital deploys blockchain for medical record management

Description Toronto’s prime hospital network University Health Network has joined forces with several top technology pioneers to streamline medical record management and to let patients decide with whom, and when they wish to share their medical records, The Star reported on Wednesday. Retrieving old medical

Virginia lawmaker is pushing for blockchain voting, commerce

Description Blockchain technology has been put to various uses in the past decade, and now a Virginia-based lawmaker is reportedly pushing for blockchain voting and commerce solutions in the state. To encourage the use of services and applications based on ledger technology (DLT), Virginia lawmaker

This Ethereum blockchain token is converting land to digital assets

Description It appears that Ethereum blockchain is gearing up for new powers as the Red Swan Ethereum blockchain token is converting billions of dollars worth of land into digital assets. Although not the first blockchain in the real estate sector, Red Swan is already making

Energy bills in Italy soon to be paid with crypto

Description From March 2020, credited to the bright minds of several Italian businessmen, energy bills in Italy could be paid through cryptocurrency. There have been deliberations on the ability of application of crypto in the vast energy industry, which until now remained mere disquisitions. There exist

Blockchain and DLT can ramp up global monetary system

Description At the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Bitcoin Expo 2020 held on 7th March 2020 the central bank representatives said that blockchain and DLT could beef up the global monetary system; however, demand careful consideration of how they can be integrated and implemented.  Amid

PBoC Trade Finance blockchain project receives $4.7M funding

Description The central bank of China, People’s Bank of China (PBoC), has acquired special funding worth $4.7 million for its trade finance blockchain project, according to a media report on March 9. The funding which will be dispensed over the course of three years has

Nippon Express $1B investment track pharmaceutical transport

Description Just as many sectors in the society continue to adopt blockchain technology, Nippon Express $1B investment will be used to create a blockchain transport system set to be launched by a logistics firm. Nippon Express $1B investment plan was announced to create this technology

GoldFinX blockchain aims to bring transparency to gold mining

Description The GoldFinX blockchain aims to bring more transparency into the conventional gold mining operations using blockchain. The new solution will allow users to track gold right from the mining stage to the final destination in the supply chain. Hopefully, it will bring more clarity