Bitcoin blockchain ensures election integrity in Guatemala

Description Amid growing concerns about electoral integrity worldwide, Guatemala stands out as a beacon of innovation. Harnessing the revolutionary power of blockchain technology, the nation is taking a pioneering step. Guatemala’s Supreme Election Tribunal is using Bitcoin timestamping to ensure transparency and detect fraud attempts

Elon Musk says Bitcoin almost as bad as fiat

Description TL;DR Breakdown Elon Musk bullshits Bitcoin, terms it “almost as bad as fiat”. Makes this statement in the wake of his company’s (Tesla) investment of $1.5 billion worth of Bitcoin. Holds on to his support for Dogecoin over Bitcoin as he dismisses the company’s

Bitcoin hits new highs in Argentina amid hyperinflation

Description In the midst of economic turbulence and hyperinflation, Bitcoin has emerged as a beacon of hope in Argentina’s financial landscape. In recent times, the cryptocurrency has shattered previous records, reaching unprecedented highs. This meteoric rise is not only a testament to the global resurgence

Bitcoin whale moves $156M as price breaches $11k level

Description A Bitcoin whale moved more than 15,000 BTC from one of the richest wallet addresses on the blockchain. Last night a Bitcoin address moved 15,022 BTC to three separate wallets. The sum worth $156,599,226 at the time only cost a transaction fee of 91 cents.

Bitcoin price moves above $11160, what to expect?

Description On the 30th of July, the Bitcoin price rose past the $11160 level. Vince Prince, the Trading View analyst, expects the cryptocurrency king to move past the $12500 level if it continues to hold its current resistance that lies near the $10350 mark. 1-Day

Bitcoin price rallies above $11,000 as the USD weakens

Description The stellar performance of the Bitcoin price is silencing critics. As Bitcoin bulls soar, climbing over obstacles and registering solid gains in the past few hours, fundamentals will likely fan more demand.  Of note is the general state of the global economy.  With the

Bitcoin price approaches $11400, rise to $14000 ahead?

Description On the 31st of July, the Bitcoin price gradually moved past the $11400 level. Crypto analysts on Trading View believe that BTC price will move towards the $14000 mark next. 1-Day Bitcoin price analysis Bitcoin price chart by Trading View The cryptocurrency fell to

Previous Bitcoin bull run is about to return

Description Bitcoin has been experiencing what would best be described as one of the best times in the market after its price moved from around the $10,000 region to post a new price around the $12,000 mark. With the new impressive movement in a matter