FTX Files $157 Million Lawsuit Against Ex-Employees of Hong Kong Affiliate

Bankrupt crypto exchange FTX has filed a lawsuit against four former employees of Salameda, a Hong-Kong-based affiliate believed to have been under the direct control of the crypto exchange’s former CEO, Sam Bankman-Fried. Along with two related companies, the named individuals—Michael Burgess, Matthew Burgess, Lesley

FTX Claims Trading Near 35% of Debt Amount in Secondary Markets

Investors are actively scooping FTX claims in an unregulated market for bankruptcy claims, according to a Bloomberg analysis of FTX’s court documents. According to Claims Market data, FTX debts are trading at approximately 35% of their original claim value. The claims can represent anything from

Insider Trading Ahead of Cisco’s $28 Billion Splunk Acquisition?

An impeccably well-timed trade has prompted claims of insider trading, as a trader appears to have made a nearly 46,000% return after opening calls in cybersecurity software company Splunk—just one day before Cisco Systems snapped up the artificial intelligence-driven cybersecurity firm in a blockbuster deal.

The Elder Scrolls VI: Everything You Need to Know

It’s been 12 years since the last Elder Scrolls game came out. Indeed, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim launched on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. That means it’s been more than a decade since “Fus Ro Dah!” was a thing gamers shouted at each

South Korean Mobile Developer NHN Is Building Crypto Games on Sui

South Korean tech firm NHN is developing crypto games and will use the Sui blockchain, NHN’s gaming division announced Thursday. NHN has previously developed social casino games like Hangame Poker and mobile titles including Crusader’s Quest and Guns Up! Mobile War Strategy. The company claims

Nansen Users’ Blockchain Addresses Exposed in Security Breach

Crypto analytics platform Nansen reported a security breach this morning, noting that some users’ blockchain addresses and password hashes had been exposed, along with email addresses. In a public letter, the analytics firm wrote that the breach had occurred after one of its third-party vendor’s

YouTube Adds AI Features to Enhance and Simplify Video Creation

Google is going all in on artificial intelligence, integrating AI capabilities throughout its suite of products including Google Docs and Search. The tech giant aims to use AI to enhance user experiences, tap into new creative possibilities, and optimize workflows—and its latest target is YouTube.

Tether Resumes USDT Loans, Insists It Maintains Excess Reserves

Stablecoin issuer Tether has resumed providing new loans denominated in USDT to clients, a move that comes nearly a year after the company had announced its intention to discontinue offering collateralized loans in 2023. The revelation comes from the company’s latest quarterly financial update, which