Bitcoin Sits Still as Fed Keeps Interest Rates As Is

While most other digital coins and stocks dropped following the largely expected news today that the Federal Reserve would keep interest rates where they are, Bitcoin held firm. Bitcoin (BTC), the biggest digital asset by market cap, is now trading for over $43,471 per coin,

‘Doom’ Runs on Bitcoin and Dogecoin—And Now Gut Bacteria Too

Influential first-person shooter Doom can run on just about anything, from ATM machines to pregnancy tests and beyond, including blockchain networks. But even with a fervent group of fans hellbent on porting Doom to everything, this example is way out of left field. A new

Argentina President Javier Milei Drops Crypto Tax Plan

Argentina’s President Javier Milei has opted to remove proposed cryptocurrency taxes from a controversial omnibus reform package. It’s a strategic move to expedite the approval of the sweeping set of reforms and avoid long debates on matters he deems less critical. The “Ley Ómnibus” bill—formally

Proto-Danksharding Ahoy! Ethereum Upgrade Clears Another Hurdle

A highly anticipated upgrade to the Ethereum network, called Dencun, crossed a major hurdle, becoming active on the Sepolia testnet on Tuesday. The development follows activation on the Goerli testnet earlier this month. Dencun introduces “proto-danksharding” to the number one proof-of-stake blockchain. Proto-danksharding is designed

Marblex Gaming Network From Mobile Giant Netmarble Teams With Saga

Marblex, the blockchain subsidiary of major South Korean mobile game publisher Netmarble, announced Wednesday that it will utilize the Saga gaming protocol to support its upcoming crypto games. Billed as a “comprehensive collaboration,” Marblex and Saga will work in tandem to launch and promote crypto

SEC Requests Dismissal of Debt Box Case, After Sanctions Threats

The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has filed to dismiss its lawsuit against crypto firm Debt Box, after a federal judge threatened to sanction the regulator over “false and misleading” statements. In a Tuesday court filing, the SEC requested that Judge Robert Shelby of

Global X Withdraws Spot Bitcoin ETF Application

Exchange-traded fund provider Global X has withdrawn its application for a U.S. spot Bitcoin ETF. A January 30th filing from the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) revealed that Cboe BZX exchange filed a notice of the withdrawal on January 26th. Global X, which first