Binance founder CZ to remain in the US till February

TLDR Binance founder Changpeng Zhao has been ordered to remain in the US till his sentencing in February. Final settlement and regulatory scrutiny in the sector. Binance founder Changpeng “CZ” Zhao has been directed to remain in the United States until his sentencing in February,

Binance sets compensation for AEUR buyers after price jump

TLDR Binance has announced a compensation plan for users affected by the AEUR stablecoin price surge. The AEUR stablecoin, introduced on Binance’s spot market, experienced an unexpected 200% increase in value. This price spike led to Binance halting trades for four AEUR pairs due to

CFTC sees a peak in US crypto enforcement via Binance settlement

TLDR Binance settlement shapes crypto governance. Regulatory clarity pivotal for crypto industry. Global hubs emerge amid evolving regulations. In a recent development, a senior US regulator has hailed the $4.3 billion settlement reached with cryptocurrency exchange Binance as a pivotal moment in the ongoing regulatory

Binance’s new CEO keeps global HQ location secret

TLDR Binance’s CEO won’t say where their HQ is, raising transparency questions. Binance faces U.S. scrutiny and must comply with a monitor for five years. The ex-CEO pleaded guilty and left, and Binance’s China ties are controversial. Richard Teng, the newly appointed CEO of cryptocurrency

Are Binance and France the newest couple in Crypto Town?

Cryptocurrency’s rapid ascension to the financial mainstage has seen various nations either embracing or cautiously side-eyeing the revolutionary industry. Among these, France stands out with its relationship dealings with Binance, the colossal crypto exchange. This liaison sparks questions about regulation, innovation, and the future of

Binance dominates the CEX landscape with $66.9B in digital assets

TLDR Binance: $66.9B assets, Bitcoin leads the way. Tether rules OKX’s asset composition, $5.2B volume. CEXs witness recent outflows, market dynamics under scrutiny. In a recent report from DefiLlama, a prominent blockchain data aggregation platform, it has been revealed that the top three centralized exchanges