Crypto gaming: 5 projects that have lit the BC trail in 2021

Description TL; DR Breakdown  Crypto gaming has been on a steady rise. Today the sector accounts for more than $300m in revenue. The differentiation of the projects has seen some emerge tops in their offering. Their unique offering continues drawing gamers to them. Crypto gaming is

ICYMI: Disney is preparing to enter the Metaverse

Description TL;DR Breakdown: CEO Bob Chapek recently hinted that they are working on launching Disney Metaverse. It would unlock “limitless potential” for enhancing entertainment experience for both the physical and digital world, he said.  The buzzword Metaverse has been making rounds over the recent months,

TIME Magazine to hold Ether amid metaverse deal with Galaxy Digital

Description TL;DR Breakdown: TIME Magazine has teamed with Galaxy Digital to launch educational content and newsletter on metaverse. As part of the deal, TIME will create a new TIME100 Companies category for the metaverse. The deal was financed with Ether (ETH), and TIME plans to

Top Metaverse tokens to watch out for

Description TL;DR Breakdown Metaverse tokens are gaining traction following growing interest in the metaverse project. Most tokens rallied up following Facebook’s announcement of interest in the metaverse.  MANA, AXS, SAND, and ENJ among top tokens. Metaverse tokens are gaining quite the attention of enthusiasts and

Are Metaverse tokens leading the current crypto wave?

Description TL;DR Breakdown: Metaverse tokens have been exploding over the recent month, as big-name companies like Facebook began making their forays into it. The market is currently valued at over $34 billion. MANA, SAND, UFO, etc., printed more returns than Bitcoin and major altcoins in

Grayscale report suggests the metaverse will be a $1 trillion industry

Description TL;DR Breakdown: Grayscale projects the metaverse industry to be worth $1 trillion by 2025. Crypto integration and FB rebrand have created wider market opportunities in the industry.  Gaming will be a major source of metaverse revenues in the future.  Crypto investment firm Grayscale released

HBAR supports MetaVRse with grant to aid Metaverse growth

Description TL;DR Breakdown          HBAR set to sponsor MetaVRse MetaVerse project. Calls Metaverse future of human communication, collaboration and commerce. The HBAR Foundation and MetaVRse, a web-based, low-code 3D creation platform, today announced a partnership to build Metaverse solutions for the world’s largest organizations on the

Samsung launches its first metaverse store in Decentraland

Description TL;DR Breakdown  Samsung has launched a virtual store in Decentraland for a limited time.  It will be a virtual replica of the company’s flagship store at 837 Washington St.  It will include metaverse features like live shows, connectivity theater, an immersive digital forest.  With

Metaverse Development: Microsoft faces more than 100 defections

Description TL;DR Breakdown The new inductions have badly hit Microsoft for the metaverse projects. According to WSJ, Microsoft lost more than 100 employees in 2021. Microsoft had the leading role in developing modern technology to cope with the growing needs of the new world. It

Hulu is preparing to enter the metaverse, crypto, and NFT space

Description TL;DR Breakdown Hulu is looking for professionals with NFT, crypto, and metaverse experience.  The streaming platform is getting ready for web3.  Netflix is also introducing immersive content as a part of its metaverse vision.  American streaming platform, Hulu is looking to breading into the