Binance initiates legal actions against fake ads promoters in Turkey

Description It’s no news that Turkey sees a notable increase in interest in digital currencies. However, this has also drawn the attention of scammers to the local market. Scammers in Turkey have been found to launch numerous billboards advertising fake Binance-themed offerings in an attempt

Binance Coin price analysis: Bulls find support as BNB recovers $325

Description The Binance Coin price analysis shows that the bulls found strong support at the $300 mark to initiate a trend reversal. Currently, the price has recovered to $325, with the bullish movement expected to continue across the short term.  The broader cryptocurrency market has

Binance halts UST and LUNA token withdrawals

Description The price of the Terra (LUNA) cryptocurrency fell 60%, under $25 for the first time since September 2021, as of press time. Following these developments, crypto exchange Binance announced that it was temporarily halting the withdrawal of LUNA and UST, algorithmic US dollar stablecoin. 

Kontribute on ICP: The Modern Writer’s Toolkit for NFT Story Monetization

Description Unleashing creativity and engaging audiences has never been easier, thanks to ICP’s groundbreaking platform, Kontribute. In today’s digital age, storytelling transcends mere words on a page; it’s about immersing readers in vibrant narratives that resonate deeply.  Whether you’re an aspiring writer or an established

Binance seeks approval in Germany as it deepens its expansion

Description Binance, the world’s largest crypto exchange by volume, is in discussions with Germany’s financial regulator to obtain a license to operate throughout Europe’s biggest economy. The head of Binance, Changpeng Zhao, said that he is actively communicating with German regulators. He said this on