Doubts linger over Binance Card Visa payments support

It looks like the recently announced Binance Card Visa payments are no longer happening. The references to Visa-powered payments in Binance Card have been quietly removed from the official statement. Officially announced on 26th March, the highlight of the Binance Card was the Visa payment support. The card mock-up also featured the famous Visa logo.

The crypto community was all excited about the Binance Card Visa powered payment support. The development generated quite a social media buzz. Many termed it as a milestone event in the crypto realm, referring to it as a sign of a maturing crypto sector. Now, all the references to Visa support have been scrapped from the official statement hinting at a possible fallout of the deal.

Crypto community hailed the Binance Card Visa support

What was termed as a significant development a few days ago, now seems all watered down. Binance is on a high these days. Its recent acquisition of CoinMarketCap signifies its growing dominance in the crypto realm. On a philanthropic note, the crypto exchange donated medical supplies to help fight the ongoing Coronavius pandemic. The launch of its mining pool is also hailed as a major event in the exchange’s timeline.

However, the scrubbing of the Visa brand from the Binance Card announcement shows not all things materialize as envisioned. The digital content of the card now no longer includes any references to the renowned international payment services provider Visa. The original blog post published on 26th March mentioned that Binance Card Visa payments could be accessed at 46 million merchants and 200 regions across the world. This very sentence is now omitted from the blog post and mentions only the Binance Card.

Interestingly, the Visa log on the digital card mock-up has also been removed. On the contrary, an associated website of the crypto exchange still features the old car mock-up with the Visa logo intact. Even the official tweet featuring the earlier Binance Card Visa payment support has been removed. The Binance Card garnered significant press coverage since it was backed by Visa, and now that it is gone, its credibility quotient will be hurt a little.

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