Binance Coin Price Analysis 20 May 2019; 180% up to $29

The price analysis of Binance shows that this coin is performing really well on the price chart, and has a lot of potential of growth. It has had an over eight percent (180%) increase in three months.

The analysis of 24-hour price chart of binance shows that its value has raised to above eight percent (8.66%) in the past 24-hour period.

Data reveals that on Sunday (May 2019) the price of the binance reached to above twenty-nine dollars ($29.80) which are regarded as all-time high value for this coin.

The price analysis of the past three months of binance revealed that the coin has maintained its good position on the price chart and is consistent in trading. The price has increased from above ten-dollars ($10.47) to above twenty-nine dollars ($29.36), that is a remarkable increase of one hundred eighty percent (180%).

The increase in the price can be the consequence of the fact that the coin has announced recently that it has upgraded its security measures.

On the other hand, the sale of harmony token is expected to start on May 27. There are a few requirements for the users to participate in this sales like the Binance users should have a minimum of 50 tokens before the deadline and also few rules have been set.

Binance can now calculate the users average BNB holding over the holding period. This can be done by taking the average of BNB balance at23:59:59 UTC on each day in the 7-day holding period. It is expected that the recent surge in the price of BNB can be the result of such initiatives.

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