Binance Coin Price Analysis 15 May 2019: Shooting up by the minute

Binance Coin is one of the top performing cryptos in the market right now. Seemingly nothing can stop BNB from climbing up and up by the minute. As this price analysis was being made, BNB was literally having a vertical curve. It increased by nearly $1 right in front of my eyes as I was watching the chart.

However, it was quite weird because Binance is still in chaos. Due to a hack last week and another one last Sunday, Binance had to stop its operations to implement new security protocols as well as prevent any more cryptos from being stolen. So why is BNB increasing so much when it’s not even seeing any circulation before Binance opens? There’s no clear answer.

BNB may 15 chart

BNB chart by TradeView

Judging how BNB can act so independently from Binance, even when it is not seeing even meager levels of trading is a clear testimony to the fact that the coin has some real merit. By simply looking at the chart we can see that there has been no stopping it. Even the Sunday hacks that occurred on Binance did very little agains the momentum. However, this was due to the scale as it wasn’t very significant.

On May the 7th though, the coin tanked hard, but ever since that it has been nothing but growth. In fact, BNB rose from a low of $18 to as high as $27+.

It is in my confidence that should Binance open as soon as possible and not delay until next Monday, that the BNB has the potential of reaching $40 before the end of May, and possibly $100 by the end of 2019.

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