Binance coin may go up to $40 before dropping to $15

Binance Coin is expected to reach the price mark of forty dollars ($40) than that of fifteen ($15). Binance chain and Binance DEX are new recent platforms being launched by BInance and are expected to help Binance Coin.

This will increase the demand and increase market momentum as Binaca is a trusted cryptocurrency exchange. As of now, Binance Coin’s support level stands at twenty dollars ($20).

From the current rate of the increasing popularity of Binance Coin, it is expected to rise in value instead of declining. But Binance has yet to prove that it has stable liquidity and speed.

Binance Coin chart by Trading View

By putting these new platforms into practical use we can expect the market momentum to increase drastically. The demand for Binance Coin is already on the rise which is why it is now available on three crypto exchanges. Including this trend with the coin burns and herd behavior effect, we can see that Binance is only going to increase from here on.

After experiencing an increase Binance is in the six dollars ($6) area with a twenty dollars ($20) support level. Despite this, the market momentum is on the rise and every dip or downtrend is proceeded by an inevitable uptrend.

Right now if Binance hits below the twenty dollars ( $20) we can expect the investors to be interested. Right now it is expected that Binance Coin will land at the price of sixteen dollars ($16).

In the last few days, a decline of almost three percent (2.8%) was observed and by observing the charts we can estimate that any increase above twenty-six dollars ($26) will be met with a transaction volume level of two and a half million dollars ($2.5 million) or almost four million ($3.7 m).

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