Binance Coin BNB price analysis: up by 1.63%

A fruitful day for the crypto-market, Binance Coin BNB price, among those of other altcoins’ indicates a comeback as the recovery momentum spreads across Saturday, the 9th to lead into Sunday, the 10th following a bearish course for the crypto-world just the day prior. 

1-Day Binance Coin BNB Price Chart (BNB/USD)

binance bnb price analysis chart 1

Binance Coin BNB Price Chart by Trading View 

Binance indicated a gradual rise, even though they remained under the baseline for most of the 9th, with a surge above this stipulated deadline of $19.719 with the 10th showing an increase above it. This showcases a bullish wave that is applicable for most altcoins for the day. Trading is now, at the time of writing, occurring beyond the average value. For the 9th, the price of Binance Coin ordered between $19.64 and $19.75, with a low of $19.63 and a high of $19.95.

Technical Indicators

binance bnb price analysis chart 2

Binance Coin BNB Price Chart by Trading View 

Indicated by the graph above, the price has shown its rise and falls for the day. However, it was finally able to climb beyond its support levels to reach $20 again, and, hopefully, the bulls will help cross the resistance levels that lie beyond it at the $22 and $22.4 marks.

Closing on the 9th, both the Simple and Exponential Moving Averages closed at $19.65. At the time of writing, they rest at $20.197, well above the baseline, which is highly favorable for the bulls.

The market cap varied between $3.05 B and $3.07 B, with a low and high of $ 3.05 Bn and $ 3.10 Bn, respectively. The trading volume ranged between $163.71 M and $ 190.52 M, with a median of $ 183.50 M and a seven day moving average of $ 169.74 M.

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