Binance BNB price analysis 14 May 2019: Almost At All-time High

Binance COin has had one of the best years despite all of the adversity of both 2018 bear market as well as the 2019 investor sentiment. In fact, the coin has had such an astounding performance, that it is nearly at the same price point it was in the beginning of 2018! Right at the end of the biggest bull market ever seen with cryptos.

The all-time high price was $25.58, while the price at the moment of writing this article is around $24.36 per coin.

BNB analysis may 14

Binance Coin is currently taking the 7th position in the market and is continuing to climb at a rapid pace. Its only competitor for the position is Tether, and we all know it won’t be able to overtake it.

The largest dips that Binance Coin suffered within the last week were the two hack attacks on the cryptocurrency exchange. The most significant decrease was after the May 7th attack which cost the company around 7,000 Bitcoins. However, despite the quick fall in price, bitcoin itself started to rise up again, dragging BNB alongside it. Driving it as high as $21.87 before the next fall occurred. But the coin quickly recovered and boy did it shoot upwards.

Due to the fact that Binance Coin surpassed its previous all-time high of January 2018, in April 2019, $25.54 it is expected that Binance will keep on pushing the price upwards. After partnering up with multiple companies such as Certik and CipherTrace, the coin has all of the potential to surpass all of our expectations.

However, the general consensus right now is that $50 is definitely possible by the end of 2019, and $100+ by the end of 2020.

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